Monday, January 22, 2007

Happenings in my F6 years

Let me do a summary of the entire one and a half year of my Form 6 life:

17th May 05
-- The first day of my Form 6 schooling life.
-- first day of my f6

15th - 17th June 05
-- The lower 6 orientation of second batch (my batch), batch 2005
-- Orientation Lower 6 2005

17th July 05
-- The SMKTE very first Prom Night, the first prom night organised by form 6 students (the pioneer batch)
-- Prom Night 05

23rd July 05
-- the Jogathon Day, where many of us were in charge of some jobs.
-- "Jogathon" day

4th August 05
-- I was chosen as the Treasurer of the Form 6 Society for 2005/06.
-- I'm a Treasurer

24th - 26th August 05
-- L6S1 Biology, my class went on a trip to Fraser's Hill to catch insect! It's a very memorable trip!

5th November 05
-- First time in form 6 to wash toilet in school, it was not my first time as I did it before during form 5 for my Moral Project... haha... but I guess it would be the first time for many people.... all of the form 6 students need to wash own toilet as it's OUR toilet...
-- wash the toilet

7th December 05
-- My batch of form 6 society had organised a Penang trip specially for our seniors ~
-- Penang Trip 05

4th January 06
-- The school reopen day
-- I'm an Upper 6 Student!

29th January 06
-- Chinese New Year 2006, the Dog Year
-- CNY 06

10th February 06
-- Hari Merentas Desa 2006, we didn't join the race but were the ones to control the whole event.
-- Flat Race 06

18th February 06
-- form 6 students were in charged of the sports management
-- Sports Day 06

25th March 06
-- I didn't get any award but I went...; and I don't think I will have a chance to attend this year's! haiz..
-- Hari Anugerah Cemerlang 06

3rd April 06
-- It was my 19th Birthday..
-- Happy being 19 years old to myself?

25th April 06
-- The one day trip organised by Form 6 Society to Parliament and Royal Mint Malaysia
-- Lawatan Sambil Belajar to Parliament and Royal Mint Malaysia

29th April 06
-- the MUET exam and the result released on 18th July 06

2nd May 06
-- the Dissecting Experiment did by my class, the sacrifice of rats...
-- The Sacrifice of 21 White Rats

26th May 06
-- Teacher's Day 06

16th June 06
-- Form 6 Society of my batch had organised the Orientation specially for our junior batch, the Chairman of this project was Khoo, and I think it was very fun! (of course, because I was not the one being tortured huh..)
-- Orientation Lower 6 2006

24th June 06
-- This prom night was not as fun as I thought, because we didn't prepare it very well... blame us for our fault... I was so disappointed... I wanted to blame someone... well.. haiz
-- Prom Night 06

4th July 06
-- The first time ever to watch the live emerge process of a butterfly from a pupa!
-- Yeong To Fu

7th July 06
-- the 1st big Fashion Show ever held at our SMKTE, organised by Goh under his Photography Club
-- Fashion Show 06

25th July 06
-- My class U6S1 was intruded...
-- The Intrusion

27th July 06
-- the election of the new committe members for the Form 6 Society 2006/07.
-- Form 6 Society 2006/2007

30th August 06
-- The project of my form 6 batch was to build a clock tower for our Beloved SMKTE, so it was the opening ceremony...
-- The CLock Tower of SMKTE

4th September 06
-- I did badly for my STPM Trial exam, the CGPA was only 2.5...
-- STPM Trial Exam 06

3rd October 06
-- My Biology teacher Mr Lum went for operation, according to Goh, he's okay now~
-- Best Wishes to Mr. Lum

14th Octorber 06
-- I had attended my very first tuition in my form 6 year... and I went for a seminar too on 29th.
-- tuition

10th November 06
-- the last schooling day...
-- F6 Graduation

20th November 06
-- the start of my STPM, the nightmare....
-- STPM 2006

17th - 20th December 06
-- My Form 6 very last memorable trip... it was very fun, it was the last time so many people can gather together in 2006...
-- Langkawi Trip 06

Many things had happened during this short time... right?!
My photo took in form 6 was far more than the amount in Form 1 - 5!!!!
It's the past now however...
* I had used much time to prepare this.. lolz... hope I didn't miss any of the important event *



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