Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Sacrifice of 21 White Rats

At one of the pet shop in Petaling Street, there were 21 white rats. One day, two form six gals went there and the 21 white rats were bought with each sold at RM8. They were placed in 'cage' and were fed some food.
One day morning, they were brought to SMKTE, 'wah... so many people watching us, how how I'm so scary'... and they heard, "aiyer, how ah.. I'm so afraid to dissect them, yer..."
so, finally Today was their last day. They had been dissected and killed (inhumanly?) in the new biology laboratory.

During the last 3 periods of biology, we U6S1, with the total of 21 students went to the biology lab and started to do our 'experiment', that was to dissect the rats!

*the two gals I mentioned above excluded me, but we did really have to thanks them for helping the whole class to buy the rats...*
Each of us had to dissect one rat. This was my first ever experience of dissecting an animal on my own....
Firstly, we would have to make them to 'fall asleep' by putting a cotton with chloroform into the beaker where the rats were placed. Next, we took them out and they were laid out ventral side up on the board and pinned out through the fore and hind feet. so... without explaining, the next steps were dissecting them... bla bla bla...

We had used about 2 hour time to dissect and to observe its internal organs. The rat was still alive when I was dissecting it as I could see its heart was beating. Its small intestine was about 80cm lon (we were required to measure it..).
Maybe because I was in bad mood this morning, so I didn't have much feeling about to dissect it. Hoon was quite afraid to start, so she assisted me first before she started hers. By the way, we did feel sorry to do so, but we had to do it for our biology experiment.
after the experiment was done, they (dead rats) were just thrown into the plastic bag then brought to the rubbish dumping site. Cruel? hmm..... we were just following our teacher's instruction.
may all of the sacrificed rats rest in peace....
and this was the first time I didn't hate but pity the rat I think?

note: the hands were not mine; the head of the rat was blocked with cotton with chloroform
hope you are not eating while viewing this photo.... my classmates were all crazy include myself because we had taken many photos during the dissection...


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