Saturday, January 20, 2007


Jin, Ching, May, Huey, Teng, YingZhi, Sook Nee, Yin Ning & Her boyfriend William, Wei Jie, and me -- the total 11 of us went to yumcha at 吹吹水 restaurant on Friday night (yesterday) after working. It was our Happy Hour haha...

We were talking so loudly, excitedly to share our working experiences etc, after didn't see each for a long time. We had even played game like UNO, 'jing gu bang', 'kam min toi' etc.... so many people were staring at us as we were so noisy and of such a big gang. Ying Zhi and Sook Nee were the ones laughing and screaming loud!
William and Ning left first as they had something urgent to do; We went home at about 11.45pm in 3 cars -- Jin's [YingZhi with her], Wei Jie's [Teng and Nee with him], and mine [Huey, May, Ching with me]. Yes, I drove again... I can drive better from day to day now, ok!
I slept at about 2am this night, I seldom did this recently.... hope that my health status would be improved slightly, slightly is better than none... !!!!

Today and tomorrow -- saturday and sunday, are my OFF days again. Today is the Awal Muharam, the public Holiday.
There are only 19 working days in this month! yahoo! ngek ngek.... If I'm not mistaken, we work as the part timers have Public Holiday, unlike our colleagues, but they have higher salary for working on these special days of course.

Almost everyone of us is working now, it's hard to gather friends, since everyone is tired and may have different off days. Sigh....... so we do appreciate the time to gather together.
Ching and Huey have become closer friends, they didn't talk to each before when we were in Form 6! lolz, it's so funny... both of them are even more talkative than me when 3 of us were working together, weird huh? because most of the people think that I am the most talkative in my gang....

After working for this short period, 3 of us have the chance to hear different types of ringtones, voice mail box bla bla bla.... and now we are used to say 'hi, good morning, good afternoon, thank you, bye bye, sorry', everything in very polite manner.We would automatically say these words during our normal conversations with our friends.
And we may have to switch the speaking language from English to Malay, Chinese or even Hokkien sometimes, with the English as the prior language.... oh yes, we are quite 'useful' right?!


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