Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fashion Show

yesterday 7.7.06, the Photography Club had organised a Fashion Show which was also a photography contest. Goh who is the advisor of that club had been busy for the preparations in the past week, e.g: to find models.

Few of my form 6 classmates & friends (Goh, M.Kuan, Jin, Ken Fai, Steven, Nong, Vinod) did join the fashion show and had a cat walk.. hehe... their fashion theme was mainly of Form 6 T-shirt... lol... they just needed to find a skirt/trousers etc to match the shirt, and also some accessories. Most of the models had put up make up and had special hairstyle too.

and I did joined the photography contest.. but mission failed! It was so hard to take the photo as the models were walking too fast @@, besides, the digital camera I was using (my aunt's) was not good enough.. as it is only of 3.2 MP.

It was the biggest fashion show held in SMKTE so far... Mr.Cheng and some teachers attended the event too... many students paid for the tickets and supported this event but the duration was too short, it was only about 30 minutes~

this photo was taken after the fashion show... haha.. Jin & M.Kuan~


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