Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Best Wishes to Mr. Lum

My biology teacher, Mr. Lum will be undergoing an operation for.... er... his neck I supposed few days later. He has been wearing the cervical collar for few months!
It's quite a risky operation as it is related to his spinal cord, although I don't really know what's the real problem he has.
Today would be the last day we saw him before the operation, we had written some messages on a card and gave it to him just now. And... haha... then he also went to buy a card and wrote us some messages.
After that, he shook hands with each of us, by holding very firm.... hard to describe the feeling we had at that moment.... All what we can do is to pray for him, for everything to be fine, Best Wishes to him.

We will study hard and try to get good result, it's our target and also your message to us.... hehe... even though during biology periods, we would have fallen asleep as your voice was monotone and hypnotic, actually you are quite a good teacher (we found it today.. lolz) besides your 'laziness'.
Thank you for bearing with the burden of wearing the cervical collar for few months just to finish teaching us the chapters of biology (haven't finished all though..). If not, you could actually undergo the operation earlier.... but maybe you have something else to do other than teaching us lar.... haha.... anyhow, thank you.

Health is indeed very Important to us.... Wish everyone is always in the pink.
Hope my Daddy can recover from his unknown disease soon....


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