Saturday, December 30, 2006

Job Hunting

27th Dec 06
I drove my dad's car, fetched Huey, May and Ching; While Jin drove her car and fetched Hoon, YunnZhi, and Mei Kuan. We went to "Uncle Ben", a restaurant located at the opposite of Jusco of Metro Prima, at 8.30pm.
haha... there were 8 of us, young pretty girls!! and it'd been a long time I didn't meet YunnZhi lo... hoho... 8 talkative girls, sitting together..... bising loh!
Other than chatting, we did play poker cards too... some games, it was fun!
And we were good girls, we reached home before 12 am lalala...

28th Dec 06
Early in the morning, I was waken up by Ching's call. She asked me to go along with her to attend an interview at Jalan Chan Sow Lin! In fact, I didn't know where was it... haha... After thinking for a long while, I agreed and went along by her father's car.
The company was TYCO, a Fire & Security company. We would be working as operator.

After that, we went to Jusco Metro Prima to meet Huey, Mei Kuan and May. We had talked about going there to find job yesterday night while yum-cha-ing.. haha...

In fact, I didn't find any job there, instead, we were thinking of the job May is going to do, as a 'promoter' at supermarket to sell carlsberg! The job offered is only until the Chinese New Year Eve, but the salary could be as high as RM1800, for only a month of working! However, to earn much money in short time, she needs to stand for about 12 hours each day, and to have enough physical strength.

In between 2 jobs, few of us didn't know which would be a better one. After a long thinking, Huey, Mei Kuan, Ching and Me had finally decided to work as the operator, with RM1200 as basic salary.

At the shopping mall there, we had met our old classmate -- Lina! She was just after class, went for shopping around with her classmate.
Besides, we met Wei Jie too..... what a coincident! He was hunting for job too!
Then, Pn.Usha was there too! We were on the first floor, she was walking around with her family on the ground floor....
Next, I saw another teacher, my class teacher who had taught me from standard 4 till standard 6~! In fact, I was trying to organise a gathering to gather my standard 6 classmates, but since many of them couldn't come, and I myself also would have to work the next day, in addition that our teacher wouldn't able to come too, so.. I cancelled it! I'd spent so much money on sms to friends, and also calling... T_T
I do really hate to be an organiser now! People won't appreciate your efforts!



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