Saturday, May 27, 2006

Reality Shows

Today was a good day.
But I woke up late, haha... I woke up at 7.30am... when I heard and then accepted the call from Ching... saying that she was at school at that moment.... oh yea.. haha... I was late!
However, luckily late wasn't a matter today! Because today was the Teacher's Day! =p

To view some photos of Teacher's Day, click the link below:
it's Goh's MSN Space! Goh is the cameraman lor...

I had watched the Grand Finale result show yesterday night. And the winner was Taylor Hicks...
well, I don't really support anyone of the both of the finalist... I like Chris! aiks... he failed to enter the grand finale...
Guess what, I watched another singing competition @ 8tv just now...
again, it's a reality show... namely "One in A Million"
lolz, first, I watched "Project Superstar", then "American Idol", and now "One in A Million"!
My friday night is never free from watching these reality shows!
*I could still remember my Friday nights in the past years were used to watch "The Charmed One" and also "Survivor" but I am no longer chasing after this series now...


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