Saturday, January 06, 2007

Star Education Fair 07

My off days of this week are on Saturday and Sunday. And in these 2 days, an Education Fair is organised by The Star at KL Convention Centre (opposite KLCC park).

5 of us - Min Huey, Ai Feern, Weng Hong, Wei Jie and me went there by KTM + LRT at about 11am. At KTM station, I met my old classmate of primary school - Siew Tung! wow... she has become prettier and slimmer!

We attended an Education & Career Talk at 12.45pm - 2.15pm, it was about Biotechnology. Hmm... now only I know it's a wide field, there are many divisions, it's not only about research and Research only! Graduates from Biotechnology can become research scientist, science writer, bioinformatition, quality control officer, venture capitalist analyst, sales representative, iostatistician, patent agent/lawyer, R&D director/CEO, Business Development manager etc....!
Seems like it is really a good course to take, but... aih.. see how..

After that, we went to have a 'walk' in the hall, where there were many Booths. We could consult the exhibitors (colleges & Universities representatives) about the courses etc..
In this place, of course.... we would be given loads of leafletssssss....... and some free bags + bookmarks as well....
In the hall too, I met Winnie! hoho.. besides, we all met Leslie too! He was there, promoting 'his college' I guess...

Next, we went back to KLCC to have our 'lunch' at about 3pm at the food court. Then, we rushed to the convention centre again to listen to another Education & Career Talk about Allied Health Science. We were late and missed the dentistry part. We had heard about psychology, physiotherapy and pharmacy. Em... they were okay, but some were quite boring... made me almost fell asleep.. haha

em.. We had taken many leaflets for later references... aiks.. have to read and read lo....
By the way, I still don't know what I want to study -.-''

* I wish I have more time which belongs to ME! after working, the time I can stay at home is so less........................ restless days.... haiz..


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