Monday, January 01, 2007


now is 2.28am, 1.1.07

Say goodbye to 2006...

The very last thing I did in 2006 was to 'countdown'.
At about 9.30pm, Wei Jie came to fetch me, ok, he was late from the time we said. Then, we went to fetch Min Huey. After fetching Teng, the next one was Jin before we went for yumcha at First Station. Goh and Ken Fai also joined us.

My plan had been changed very much, as the people gathered together were different. Hoon couldn't join us because her father was unhappy.

It was indeed a weird combination of the new gang. All of us,.. were loners.. huh...
When the time was at about 11.15pm, we went to somewhere higher in Seri Sinar (if this is the correct spelling..). Hmm... there were quite many people waiting to see fireworks played in KL.
However, we didn't have the chance to countdown as we didn't know the exact time (seconds), and the worst was, we were unable to see the fireworks clearly! KLCC's fireworks were played from ground, not from its top, so... it was not pretty at all.. haha... what a CountDown!

It was simple like that, didn't have to 'jam', didn't have to sweat a lot, it was a silent night? hmm..
Last year, at the same time, while I was longed to go for countdown with my friends at the Curve, I was not allowed to go out. I was only able to countdown in my room, with the company of my radio, and books. Just now I had the chance, but I don't think I'm happy at this moment, haiz... why......!
Lonely... I'm so lonely....

What is my new hope for a new year? I don't know leh... maybe hope for a good result for STPM?

Sorry but can't help being down... in a brand new Year...


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