Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Working vs Schooling

Last post, was a bit of low spirit in a new year.... haha...

well, Now I'm with higher spirit, but stress + pressure + tension are all coming back to me again!

On 1.1.06, I went to a Motivation Talk held at Wisma MCA by Goh's car. Other than us, Min Huey & Ai Feern were going together too. At first, I was still down like before, but since they were going, and I had nothing special to do, I just agreed to go with them.
It was okay, the talk. Before the speaker started his talk, there were many 'talks' given by those Datuk Datuk etc... just like the 'process' before an event could be started as usual. They were the politician, so... what they talked were also about politics, although they were related to the Topic of the TALK, about life long learning.
After the talk, we went back to Kepong, and they had their dinner (I didn't order food but drink only) at Bamboo restaurant. This was my 2nd time to have my drink in this restaurant. We had our last chance to 'yumcha' together before we all starting to work.
Then, they went to my house because they needed to wait me to burn the CDs of the photos took in Langkawi. I had gathered photos from cameras. Jenny came to find me too, she was quite surprised to see 3 of them.. haha..

2.1.06, Tuesday
I went to SOGO, the shopping mall with my aunt. Today was the last day of the MEGA sales and since I didn't have suitable clothes to wear for working, we thought we should go to grab some!
We took KTM till Bank Negara station, then crossed a bridge and came to the SOGO... hmm... I didn't know it was so easy to reach this shopping mall before this.. haha.

3.1.06, Wednesday
This was my 2nd day of Training. This was also the First working Day for many of my friends. Hoon works as a tuition teacher at BrightKid; Jin works as a teacher at primary school.
Mei Kuan had given up, and she had found another job related to teaching.

In fact, I was really confused, I didn't know that should I continue the job as an Operator; or Should I work as a teacher like what Jin is doing, and at the same time work as a part time tuition teacher too.
I had just rejected the offer just now, to be a teacher. sigh... it's indeed hard to choose! But if I give up now, I will make Ching to be in trouble, because she was the one asking me to work there, it was her neighbour who recommended us too. Until this moment, I think I have no choice but to continue... as Ching & Huey are doing so...
We are worrying that we are not able to perform well. There are lots of things to learn and to memorize! We have to know everything.... about the departments, alarm systems, etc... not easy man! I hope I can do it... ok, I can do it!
We did try to make some outgoing calls today to customers, well... we had shown some improvement in the way we talked to customers. aiks.. lazy to elaborate more on my works...

When we were 'released' at about 4.45pm, we tried to take LRT and KTM to go home. By the way, since my high-heeled shoes were worn out, we went to SOGO (again ah.. for me lah..) to buy one pair, with RM39.90 at Vincci!
aiya... waste my money lah... What to do, I didn't have other to wear ....

I have to say, Schooling Life is far better than Working Life!!!!
I have to wake up earlier than the time we went to school, and back home at about 6 ~ 7pm! Hey... it's so tiring! And I'm exhausted after that, I wish I have more time to do my own things at home... haiz... I have to sleep earlier, or I will be tired like hell! (like how I'm now!)
When I saw students going to school today morning (today was also the school reopen day oh..), the sweet fun memories of my form 6 life reappeared in my mind... haiz...
Please cherish your time in school, college @ University!
I will, if I have chance to further my study....



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