Saturday, December 30, 2006

Work as Operator oh...

29th Dec 06

Today was my first day of working. Early in the morning at 5.30am, I woke up and prepared.
Mei Kuan came to my house, then Min Huey came to fetch us, went to Ching's house. A 'jie jie' who is Ching's neighbour fetched us along to go to our office in her "Kelisa", she is working there too, but in different department.

We reached there at 7am. 4 of us have to work from 7am till 4.30pm each day as ours is morning shift! We work 5 days per week, but the holidays are not fixed on only Saturday and Sunday! Besides, we need to work on public holidays too, if we are scheduled to. For Monday to Friday, most probably we don't have to worry about transport as that 'jie jie' can fetch us along. However, if she is on leave, if we have to work on Saturday or Sunday, we will have to go by bus @ KTM @ LRT!

Today, we were under training by Mr.Osman. First, we had to sit down, and to listen 'lectures' from him, everything about alarm system. I felt like I was going to be a salesgirl.. haha... We were like studying in the classroom! Other than 4 of us, there was a new guy going to work with us too.
This is really an office work, we wore formal wear, wore high-heeled shoes etc... 4 of us were quite 'outstanding' in the office, because we are young pretty girls lo.. haha

We are working as the operator of ADT alarm service. Our job was to monitor, to call and to receive call from customer. So, we need to sit in front of the computer, to stare at the monitor of the computer, and to make call. Other than listening only, we did have chance to call our customer to ask whether it was a real or a fake emergency.
In the first ever call I made to my customer, I did badly... I talked in a trembling voice =.=", too bad, I couldn't control myself from being nervous.. haha...
Now, I really admire those working in DiGi, Maxis, Celcom centre! They can talk professionally!

so.. I will continue working on 3rd January 07. That would be my second day of training.
The colleagues there were quite nice, hope they would be still nice in the future ya.. haha; another thing, the room we are going to work is so cold!!!
Maybe Huey and Mei Kuan would give up this job, as they are worried about transport, scared that they will not able to handle everything etc...
The place is indeed far, my mum actually doesn't like me to work at there, while my dad thinks that as long as I can learn something, it's safe, then it's ok. Our company is at Jalan Chan Sow Lin, after Jalan Loke Yew; nearby Serdang... far huh!

Actually I do scare that I cannot handle the things, and we have heavy responsibility too... but if I do not dare to step forward, I can't learn anything.
I believe that as long as once I get used to the job, I will be doing well! It's a big company, I will be gaining much experience!

so... do you think I'm doing alright? I actually have other job opportunities as well, just that I'd attended the first day of training, it would be bad for me to reject them suddenly... sigh... I don't wanna be a bad girl =p
Give me some suggestions? or any opinions....

ops... forgot that today was my Dad's Birthday too! too bad we didn't celebrate oh...
Happy Birthday to my dear Daddy!



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