Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Intrusion

The Intrusion of U6S1 Classroom on 25th July 2006

The 4 classes located on the 4th floor had been intruded few times before, so we would remember to lock our doors before going home.
Few weeks before, although we had locked our doors, the naughty guys of afternoon session still could break into our classroom! They were so smart, they pulled out the panes of glass and went into our classroom through the small and narrow 'hole'.

Afterwards, we had become smarter to prevent the same incident happen, by closing the window, so that they would not able to pull out the panes of glass. We thought we were smart enough, and we were wrong... what they did was, they pried the front door open!
so our front door is now 'officially' unable to be locked...but our clever Mr.Khoo had thought of a good idea -- to use the handle of the cleaning tool (such as broom) to plug the door at the doorhandle (I think I've described it the wrong way, hope you still able to get my meaning lol... )

So, what was their purpose of doing so? They did so to 'steal' our desks and chairs...
sigh... everyday before the afternoon session's teaching starts, we can see students busy finding desks and chairs. And, people know that our block D is not occupied by any class during afternoon session, so they just go and take the desks and chairs...

In fact, the main problem here is the desks & chairs shortage. It happens probably because of the vandals who do not know to take good care of the public property. However, I wonder that does the school authority know about these cases?
It's so suffering, for those who have to find desks and chairs everyday, by searching around, then they have to even break into classrooms to 'steal' them!
Not only they become the victim, we are too! We did nothing wrong but have to suffer !


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