Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my OFF day, my NEW friend

hehe... today is my off day oh.... but then, two of my friends Min Huey and Lei Ching are working today. Either one of us will have off day, the other 2 will have to work.

Few days ago, our executive gave us the working schedule, but it didn't suit us as for some of the days, there were only one of us have to work alone... we are girls, and the working place is far, so in case we have to work alone, it's not that good... we are not independent enough.. huh... and might need to walk alone back, take trains alone....
So, we discussed and told our executive, she said we could change the off days as long as it's possible. We are so troublesome huh.......

So, tomorrow will be Min Huey's off day, while Friday would be Ching's. My next off days will be on coming Sunday and Monday~

By the way, we are now more adapted to the working life, and we can perform better, we can speak better to the customer~ hehe... all of our colleagues are nice too!

yeah... the best thing for off day -- can sleep till late morning haha !

I woke up at about 9.30am today, then went to my mum's shop there, I seldom have chance to chat with her nowadays, I'm too busy lo...
Next, my daddy accompanied me by walking together to the nearest Maybank. I wanted to open a saving account, for my company to pay me salary~ I have a Hong Leong's one, but they only accept Maybank wor..
At first, the workers said there were many people wanting to open account, I had to 'make appoinment' wor... they asked me to 'register' first, and they would arrange the time for me, and I were required to come again on the next day -- tomorrow!
WHAT! hey, if you already know you have many customers, you must think of another way to solve the problem lah, maybe employ more workers or what...
My daddy was so unhappy, he helped me to argue with them, I'm not free tomorrow lah wei...

Finally, they surrendered, they must serve their customers good loh... so I have my own Maybank Saving account now~ hey, no account book now, they just gave me an ATM card!
This is my first time to own an ATM card oh... lolz

After going home, I was so tired again, then... sleep again lor... haha... Cham! I have slept too much today!

oh ya, few days ago, I'd got to know a new friend, a Japanese! haha...
His name is Yoo Kukita, he knew me through my blog!
He was actually the second Person who found my blog randomly, then added me in MSN, and by this method, we have become friends!

I'm really happy to hear that, he said my blog is quite interesting, thanks for saying so my friend! Happy!
His blog:

Nice to meet you!



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