Thursday, July 27, 2006

Form 6 Society 2006/2007

The Election of the New Committee of Form 6 Society on 25th July 2006

yea... finally we (the committee of Form 6 society 2005/2006) can retire now!

A general meeting (mesyuarat agong) had been held on Tuesday @ new physics lab.
The new president is a guy from L6A, Chin Seong, he's quite popular among the lower 6 students, and that's one of the reason he could be elected as the president. He had once acted as a 'cacat boy' in the drama during orientation.

For this new committee, we've decided to have a president and 2 vice presidents, each of them is from different class. So for the L6S1, Safia, a malay girl was chosen while Zhe Chua from L6S2 is the another vice president.

Luckily, the secretary and the vice secretary chosen are the responsible ones, they are Mei Kuan & Zeming. I said it's lucky to have them because, for our batch, the vice secretary was not responsible at all, she didn't put any commitment into this society! So, we had to rely on our only secretary, Hoon. She was the busiest committee member! I hope the vice secretary this year will help to share the works with the secretary.

Oh yea.. Elizabeth has been chosen as the Treasurer, which was the post I held. hmm... she's a good and reliable girl, I believe she can handle the money very well, like me ! =p
Since I knew her during orientation (she was the group leader of the group I facilitated), I had observed some of her good personalities, hehe... jia you lor ^_^
There are 2 vice treasurers too... 1 from L6A and 1 from L6S2; each of the treasurer comes from different classes too.

There are only 14 posts for this batch (decided by us of course..haha), the rest that I haven't mentioned are Head of Documentation, Head of Welfare, 3 AJK in which each from each class; and an Audit.

by the way, I haven't completed the account for my batch! sigh... but there's no problem occur lar... hehe... we don't have to stay back for meeting anymore.. oh yea... concentrate on STPM!
Gambateh everyone, my juniors! Hope you all can organise better activities and make it a better organisation!


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