Monday, December 08, 2008

nice Pavillion deco

03.12.08, Wednesday

After about one week I went to Times Square and Sg Wang, again I went there with my two ji muis Hoon and May ^^
I didn't go shopping with Hoon for a long time already!

First, we went to Sungei Wang, walked a while then we went to Pavillion. This was the first time I took a longer shopping period at this shopping mall.
Hoon and I didn't buy anything but May had bought a hair shampoo and some kind of hair repair serum (forgot what was it) from The Face Shop. Hoon had introduced us a special Sleeping Mask sold by that shop but well, it was kinda expensive to me... haha, still under consideration!
We had our lunch there, if May didn't be our guide, we wouldn't know there was a "food court" with many food stalls and restaurants at the basement (ground floor? ha, forgot already...).

Home, 家...

hehe... special? Can you identify us?

the 3 of us... May, Me, Hoon... suddenly saw a mirror when we passed by a shop.. May thought that we looked slimmer in this image lolz

May+Hoon... with nice background, found at one of the isolated(?) corner in Pavillion (we're more of taking photo than shopping? haha)

Before proceeding to Sg. Wang, we took photos with the Christmas decoration at Pavillion! hehe... the decorations here were still very nice, the "quality" was quite high lolz.

took this from inside Pavillion, similar to last year, the christmas trees were white in colour.

Hoon and I~

The decoration for Christmas at Sungei Wang wasn't as attractive as in Pavillion. We didn't take any photo there...
and well, the same old christmas tree appeared in Times Square, like last year's, saved money huh?

At the end, Hoon and I didn't buy any cloth... anyway, it was a good outing with best friends~



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