Sunday, November 23, 2008

balik Rumah lo

hehe, home sweet home again ^^
I'm already back to KL home since last Friday afternoon~

Always, on the day before coming home, I would be busy packing my luggage as we needed to empty our hostel room before leaving for semester break, last minute work again -.-"
Although the final exam ended, I still couldn't sleep earlier because I had got used to sleep at late hour. In addition, I still had to do lots of works such as preparing the report for activities done to be submitted to BHEPP USM... and hang out with coursemates (not in the night I meant =p !) hehe...

Thanks to my dear junior Gui Song for giving me a ride to Sg. Nibong bus station ya... also for bringing me to have my breakfast at Mamak Kayu hehe.
see this... the ROTI TISU ordered by juniors...seems like a sotong? or tree bark? haha... really huge! those workers were very skillful huh..
Thanks my dear daddy, for being punctual to fetch me at bus station at KL ktm station; paiseh because I had fallen asleep in the bus and was sleeping soundly until forgot to call my dad when I was in Rawang. Still, he went there earlier to wait me although he didn't get my call... hehe... love my dad xp

So... now is having one-month holiday... the next semester will be started on 22nd December 08. Well, as usual, USM is the earliest (or not really the earliest?) amongst the local Universities to start its 2nd semester... hence another year of Christmas, New Year to be spent at Penang...

How am I going to spend my holiday? hmm... I guess I would be lazy to work (depends...). I may spend more time to be with my family and friends~! hehe... and again, clearing laptop hardisk, organising folders and files in my laptop... complete some activity tasks (haiz...), tidying up the room (many things to be thrown!)... etc...
and of course blogging! hehe.. with 24 hours internet access at my home... ^^


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