Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Yummy Dinner ^^

wah.... yummy yummy! The 6 dishes above were cooked by Pui Shan!

18th November 2008, Tuesday

I had finished my final exams on 17th... this 18th, our TiongHua Society's Choir group (歌咏组) was having a meeting at Pui Shan's house at Desa Air Mas. Before the meeting, we had the dinner together!

So sorry as I didn't do as what I had promised her -- to buy the ingredients together that afternoon. However, I woke up late and had to go back to previous hostel just to take my things left in my friend's room. Anyhow, I did contribute a little by helping out some chores xp.

A nice dinner we had, thanks Pui Shan!
A nice meeting we had too... although many things to discuss, many things that going to mess up our mind, all of us enjoyed the meeting by making fun with some small matters haha...



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