Monday, November 24, 2008

2 x Yee

Yee Leng and Yee Mei....
hehe... me and my direct junior! tada....

*the above photo has already been edited by using photoshop... the one before edited, there was a lot of pimples be seen on my face!

About my direct junior, I am ashamed to say that I didn't contact her after the first contact. This was the first year ever in my School of Biological Science to have this senior+direct-junior system.
Whoever seniors (means my batch) that were willing to join this programme could register themselves and then there would be direct junior(s) assigned to each of them.

There were 3 juniors assigned to me, however, only Yee Mei had contacted me through sms; while the other two didn't contact me at all, and hence I didn't bother to contact them either. After sms her few times, added her in msn, I had totally forgotten about this matter, about my responsibility as a senior.

Yee Mei is actually of Applied Biology, while I am of Pure Biology. Although the subjects taken in first year were the same for both courses, she didn't ask for my help at all.

This photo was taken during our first meeting on 10th November 2008 at Khaleel Mamak Restaurant, during exam weeks! It was my very first time to know her real person! really paiseh.... ahaha...

According to her, she realised I was very busy (well, it was true indeed), and since she was okay, had no problems.... she thought it was better not to find me. hehe... how considerate she is =)

oh yea, thanks to Sin Yi, her best friend who came along that night, for taking photo for us ya~ hehe...

I must contact my dear junior more frequently on the next semester! hehe..


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