Monday, December 01, 2008

The Mines book fair

22.11.08 Saturday

The day after I was back in KL, I went to The Mines for the book fair with my best ji muis Jin & May ^^

We took KTM train till Serdang station, was thinking to wait for the shuttle bus to The Mines. However, it was too hot, instead we took taxi haha... of course, we had to pay then...

oh ya, with the student cards (USM, UM, UTAR! hehe..), we didn't need to pay the RM2 entrance fee, yuppy.... how useful by having a student card huh..

Lian Chee, my ex-colleague while I was working as Cashier during Bookfest 08 @ KLCC last May, was also working here, but not as cashier, I purposely went to find her hehe... Besides, there were few other ex-colleagues I met in this bookfair too...

May & I... Jin was the photographer
pay attention to the book took by May...中、小学生性教育漫画...
This book was a comic providing sex education for primary and secondary students.

this was one of the pages in the book mentioned above..
see? It's explaining something..... how to determine the "cup"

This owl... hehe... I found in children story book xp
although hedwig is not in brown colour, hedwig is an white owl!
But... I like owl appearance anyhow... so I purposely took this photo!

Before going back, each of us had bought a green tea ice-cream for RM2.50 each, quite expensive huh... how was it? green tea taste lo haha...
We saved the money by asking people where should we wait for the free shuttle bus... hehe...


Blogger sunbliss said...

hehe...ya so happy to c tat day..but very unfortunately i very busy that time
really so bad cant talk much with u...

December 02, 2008 10:49 pm  

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