Tuesday, November 18, 2008

turn ON the Holiday-ing mode~!

After spending 15 hours for answering the papers
After sitting for 6 exams...(Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Calculus, Academic English, Ethnic Relations).......
After having sleepless, tension, nervous, insomnia-ing, without dreaming nights...

wakaka... I've been waiting long for this moment~!

Announcement 1: EXAM-ing mode has been turned OFF!
Announcement 2: Holiday-ing mode has been turned ON!

I really made myself to be panic over the final exams...
Imagine, didn't study all of the chapters at all during the whole semester (erm... not really All maybe, but Most!), and study all of them (the whole stack of notes and countless slides of Power Points...) in few days time (I finished studying my Bacteriology in two days time!)....
Well, how well could I perform in the exam? It's not of Objective questions afterall.... I must write them out...

e.g: Explain how archaeal walls differ from those of the bacteria. (10marks)

So, we're expected to know their structures well.. and able to contrast the features... T_T"
In fast I studied all of the Phylums, Classes, Genera.... it's quite impossible for me to remember which one is which one... all mixed "well" together in my mind... lolz

Okay... done. What can I do now?
Pray for passing all of the subjects!
and will try to get more time on study the next semesters...

(get from who? get from myself! self-conflict here... argh..., you may ask why didn't I have enough time for study, because... I didn't/don't have good time management yet I joined so many activities!)

Learn from the past lessons!

Going to pack my things, tidy up my room...
(oMg... already late night... still staying awake! getting over-excited here, because of end of the exams, and also because I am lucky enough to get access to internet... in my room... for hours!!! lolz... weird)


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