Thursday, October 30, 2008

sTudy wEek? study.... but....

I'm having study week currently... and today is already Thursday! oMg!well, I admit that I've only started my study last night... midnight!...

These few days since last Friday (the great crazy night I had with my gang in usm), I've been busy chit-chatting on the phone with friends, juniors etc... and also outing.

Last Saturday night I had a nice gathering + dinner with my friends from the same society, 贝珊(Bei Shan)、寅杰(Yin Jie)、振宁(Zhen Ning)、阿铭(Ming) at Bei Shan's rented apartment unit, Desa Air Mas. When 5 of us gathered together, lots of laughter could be heard haha... Bei Shan cooked for us! yummy... I felt like I eat a lot of yummy food recently!
haha.... besides few of us, there were few seniors too...

After having a full dinner, 5 of us went for a long walk at night market. It had been a long time I didn't walk through the pasar malam for such long time. Wow, it's a great night I had!

hehe... then about another outing was Tuesday (28.10.08)'s night. My roommate who is from China was celebrating her 21st birthday (on 29th October) at Mc Donald. She had invited all of her friends from China too.
That night, I had become a foreigner in their gang lolz.
Anyhow, I'm glad that she had a great birthday celebration and received lots of presents!
lolz... I also gave her a necklace, with a lock+key pendant.

In fact, the way they celebrate birthday was so much crazier than we do in Malaysia (not 100% maybe). And normally, here we as the birthday star don't need to prepare everything, instead it is the job of best friends gang do, to invite other friends, to buy cake, to invite the star to celebrate or even give a birthday suprise.
My roommate had done many things on her own, but according to her, it is their way of celebrating birthday.

Yesterday, Wednesday 29.10.08, I had watched a great movie together with Bei Shan, Yin Jie and Zhen Ning. It was High School Musical 3 (HSM3)!
wow....amazing, it's really a nice movie to me, great visual, great dancing, great singing! By paying on RM6, it is very worthwhile xpFunny thing to mention about, again, I didn't watch the HSM1 and HSM2 before.... lolz
Well, seems like I'm going to watch the previous ones... hoho...I truly like the songs... I want to have them!! hehe...

hm... yesterday's outing was nice... the worst part was that I had caught a cold... kept sneezing @@...By the way, I had bought a shirt from vOIr again... for only RM20 (after 50% discount)... hehe... 2nd time to buy clothes from this brand~

I had planned to study hard after back from watching the great movie. Resting a while (as I had caught a serious cold), I went to my hostel cafe to do stuffs online (recently almost everyday I take one or two hours to do such thing, can't online in room is suffering!!!).
Then, after taking bath, comfortably... I was preparing my mood to study.... but, rarely-ring mobile phone rang... LWW called me and asked to go Mamak for yumcha/supper. Wow... seldom could get such call...
haha.. at first I rejected as I felt sickliness.

Suddenly, I realized that it was going to be LWW's 21st birthday! wooo... something fishy here... haha... After that only I knew that LBK (another friend) was the organiser, to give a surprise.
Although we had celebrated once last week, we celebrated it again! yo, at last we were successful! LWW was really surprised, as he didn't know LBK had invited few other friends for birthday celebration; instead he was thinking that it was only a supper session =p

okay, back to topic, with my going-to-fall-sick condition, I'm starting to study hard (doubt it...lolz). well, still not paying 100% concentration. I had few long chatting session just now lolz...

My 1st paper would be on 6th November, Mycology! One week time.... I must study really hard, not only for this subject but also for the others!!!!! T_T



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