Monday, September 17, 2007

Analyse myself

yoyo.... our Lee Chong Wei had won the Japan Open title! He had defeated Lin Dan and Taufik~ yay.. Don't know who is him? oh ok... he's our Malaysian top Badminton player! hoho

Few days ago, my friend sent me my birthday analysis to me..... wow, I think it's almost 100% describing me! I give some examples here...

have strong intention, hope to be someone important

(yeah... I want to be an important person in my friend's life =p)


Giving command and controlling everything is something preferably to do and it's important
The way they order people is very straight-forward, and will let them know clearly of what they want.
(ehm... I know I'm straight-forward in speaking etc,.... you see, it's my natural way.... even the analysis says so... I do hope I don't ask people to do works like giving command or oder....haiz.. sorry lah...)

They also request others to listen to them by paying full attention. They cannot bear to be neglected.
(yeap, while I speak, I really hope my friends would pay attention to me.. however, recently I found that whenever I'm in a group, what I have said is being ignored or no people would bother to listen.. haiz... maybe I'm being too sensitive...)


Their straight-forward in speaking without knowing to avoid certain irritating issue may cause them in trouble. However, most of the time, people will still accept it positively and cherish their perceptivity (a feeling of understand?).
In some dangerous situations, people will discover their strong "body" which has the power to make them feeling at ease..
(In fact, I've hurt my friends' times before this... just because of my straight-forward speaking... I admit I am bad.. I'm still trying to change this bad attitude...)

Normally they are born with kindness, sometimes may be criticized as naive. In fact, in others' opinion, the people born on this day have both childishness and maturity, like to dream and (but) are also practical, being selfish but responsible at the same time, they are both contradictory and weird combination.
(these descriptions should be correct right? I'm a very naive person, can trust people easily, I'm quite childish sometimes.. erm.. selfish? I guess so, I'm kinda selfish at certain situations, but I'm really a responsible person ahaha..haiz.. self-contradictory indeed =S)

If they make some big mistakes, usually it's because they are stubborn to believe that their way to solve the problem is the right one. They don't know to think the other way round..
(so does that mean I'm stubborn? It might be more accurate to say I don't want to admit I'm wrong... haha... so I just use what I believed-to-be correct and to prove I'm right.... but at the end, I'm wrong!)

*sorry for using some direct translations here... I'm having big trouble now -- my writting skill is deteriorating.... sigh...



Blogger StupidCupid said...

where can i do the analysis?? i wan to try it too!! since u said it's accurate...

September 18, 2007 4:52 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

erm... it's actually a word file written the analysis for my birthday only..
my friend has the analysis for the 365 days actually...
he will give me next time, so... if possible and I remember, I send it to you ya

September 19, 2007 12:26 am  

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