Saturday, September 08, 2007

Procrastinating works ...

busy oh.... I had just 3.5 hours of sleeping yesterday~ and didn't take any nap ... I was truly busy the whole day!

Yesterday was Friday, all of the first year students who take the Entrepreneurship course was required to set up our stall (one group one stall) to sell things ... as I mentioned earlier, my group sells handicrafts... so I stayed awake to make them... for sales...
However, the business was not good at all ... argh... we need a good sales to get good mark!!!!!!! T_T
We will set up the stall again on Monday... wish me good luck =p
(will try to take some photo then... haha)

Other than busy selling things, we all from School of Biological Science and those from food tech etc were having Organic Chemistry test at DUP (Dewan Utama Pelajar).
We had biostatistics lecture at 4pm till 4.50pm... luckily the lecturer let us off at 4.30pm as he knew that we would have the test at 5.15pm!
From that lecture hall to the DUP is quite a distance.. so we were waiting patiently for the bus to fetch us....

after 10 or more minutes, there was a bus (with yellow tag) came... we had no choice but to get up the bus or else we would be late if kept on waiting. As we knew, this bus was not going to DUP but would stop at the Aman hostel, which is quite near to DUP.
So we thought it would not stop at DUP, most of us went down the bus at Aman hostel there and walked in a big group while holding the umbrella (it was raining and there was strong wind!)... Mana tahu the bus changed its route and went to DUP this time without notifying us! aiyo... in fact almost 99% of the students in the bus were going to the same destination! It's so funny lah....

How's the test? hmm... hmm.. I didn't manage to finish them...
The time given was 60 minutes, the paper consists of 40 MCQ (multiple choice questions, aka A,B,C,D!)... haiz... we have to read fast, think fast and fill in the circle fast!
However, I think the result should be okay .... means not very bad, not good..

I was so exhausted and I slept before 12am! I rarely slept before 12 for weeks already...Woke up at 1o.30am just now.. hoho... 10.5 hours!
Compare it with yesterday's 3.5hours and the day before yesterday's 5 hours (to rush for organic chemistry assignment).. ahaha...

All of this have to blame myself for procrastinating my works...haiz..


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