Saturday, September 01, 2007


Was viewing my friendster just now, I was so shocked and surprised to see the bullentin's announcement made by a primary school's friend of mine, Cammy. She is going to marry in November this year!!!!

I don't know what is the reason she want to marry so soon, is it because of..... Pxxxxxxx?
I'm not clear as I am not close to her....
Just wondering.... marry at this early age, will they be happy? There are so many factors which may lead the couple to arguments, disagreements, and there may be money matters etc..

However, wishing her and her going-to-be husband a happy wedding & marriage.
She's not the first pair among my friends who marry so fast... haha...
Well, while they are already married/ going to marry, and many have had a close boyfriend, I'm still single and available... should I be happy or sad?

By the way, I had my first Baskin Robin (B.R.!) yesterday! hoho...
Yesterday was 31st August, there was a 31% discount on some ice-cream ^^
After discount of RM7, we still needed to pay RM17 for the pint-sized handpack. Huey, Thiam Hui and I shared together and had a happy and sweet moment wakaka... it was my very first time to have a taste of Baskin Robin's ice-cream!
It's too expensive... @@"

Before having the ice-cream at the shop nearby our campus, we went for a walk at Tesco Extra Sungai Dua after having a full and delicious dinner nearby too. It's so fun to have dinner together with many friends (there were 5 other friends beside 3 of us), just like a family... we had ordered 4 dishes at a chinese restaurant. Each of us just paid RM5.60 for it.. even cheaper than eating the ice-cream solely... lolz...

I was having a full dinner just now too... again, Huey, Thiam Hui & I had Bak Kut Teh after had a walk at Pasar Malam just now... yo... it's delicious! I didn't eat that for a long time!

I love eating...! ops... haha..


Blogger zickleer said... nice...very loman summore...sharing ice cream!baskin robbin!on merdeka day summore!:)

hope ya have a great week time muz record da presentation k?sure very entertaining:)


September 02, 2007 3:16 pm  

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