Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Family Half-day Penang Trip

My dad sent me back to USM Penang on 20th. My grandmother and youngest brother went together too~
I was like moving house again... haha, meaning that I brought many things ..

We arrived at my hostel at evening (safely), then I led my grandmother to take a look at my room....
We took dinner together at a food court nearby Sg Dua entrance. Then, again my dad sent me back to hostel before searching for hotel to stay overnight.

It's so nice to be sent by my dad! hehe....

The next day -- Monday, I had to attend lectures as usual except the tutorial for biostatistics had been cancelled. Thus, I was free from 10am till 8pm, as I had biodiversity lecture at 8pm.
My dad purposely went to fetch me and we departed for half-day trip!

First, we went to Kek Lok Si Temple. Although I went before during lower 6 trip, this time we went up the hill by car.. and to the different part from then one I visited before.

This is the view of Penang from Kek Lok Si temple...

I'm a rabbit! hoho... there are so many 'animals' .... any of the 12 zodiacs are available...!

After having delicious lunch, we went to Penang Hill, were thinking to take a ride of "cable car" up to the hill, but the next ride available was at 4.30pm.... so we were not able to make it then.

Next, we went to Batu Ferringhi... to the seaside! My grandmother and I waited under the trees while my dad and youngest brother paid a total of RM50 for a ride of Super Jet (the motorcycle like on the sea) for 15 minutes... haha

To spend our time, we walked and walked in Gurney Plaza (by the seaside) for about 2 hours.... to wait for the food hawkers at Gurney Drive (just beside this shopping mall) to start doing business~

After having a very full dinner, my dad dropped me at Komtar and I took Milan bus back to Sg. Dua. My family then took ferry back to Butterworth and started their journey back to KL.

I was in rush but still able to reach the lecture hall before the lecturer did =p

In fact, we didn't know clearly of the routes to those destinations but just referred to a map and the signboards available
Thanks my family for accompanying me ^^

Okay, it's not time for relax now... haiz... more and more activities and assignments and tests coming up next =.="


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Komtar? Not been there before, but I went to Prangin mall and it looks dumpy. But anyway, Penang is a nice place, and lotsa great food there. :)

August 22, 2007 5:38 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

to "i-don't-know-who-are-u"

oo Perangin Mall is just beside Komtar...
dumpy? i think it's komtar... perangin mall is newer than komtar..

btw, if you wanna visit a better shopping mall like midvalley, u should visit Gurney Plaza or Queensbay mall instead.

August 23, 2007 5:33 pm  

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