Sunday, September 16, 2007

Raining Season?

It's raining so frequently recently at Penang here... almost everyday, almost the whole day! The weather here is kinda weird, it can rain suddenly as few minutes before was still a very hot day, then the rain could stop after few minutes when the dark clouds were blown away.....
Yesterday, it was raining the whole day here, but not continuously... it rained, then stopped, and then continued, and these happened repeatedly...

I think I like rainy days, I can sleep soundly.... reluctant to wake up haha... However, it would be troublesome if I want to go out... hmm..

Hence, on the contrary of what I normally said since I came to Penang, I sweated less in these few days! ahaha... but it would be less healthy then, sweating can help in detoxification right?

aiks... I have to rush biostatistics assignment again..
Every weekend, although I can sleep till late morning, ... still I don't really like it because need to rush assignment... If I have already understood all of the lectures of the week beforehand, I wouldn't be headache in doing the assignment!
I have to take a long time to study, to understand... and before that, relying merely on lectures notes is not enough, I have to search here and there for more notes so that I could understand better!
Last Sunday, I was trying to understand the lectures and did my last assignment till almost 6am! I had had only 2.5 hours of sleeping that day... crazy huh....
conclusion... biostatistics is not easy =.="

Oh ya... I've got to know my first organic chemistry test result, I only managed to get a B... haiz... well, I think it's good enough anyway as I didn't study for that test... =p

I heaved a sigh of relief on Thursday after sitting a test of Malay language course which contributes 20% to final exam! We were required to write a "Kertas Kerja" proposal of 500 words long based on the question given...
The question which I did was :
Sebagai Presiden Persatuan Mahasiswa Universiti, anda dikehendaki menyediakan kertas kerja tentang cadangan-cadangan untuk mewujudkan program perpaduan kaum antara pelajar universiti.

Luckily I did prepare by asking friends around of what points I could write muahaha... I was really worried as I rarely use Malay to write essay recently...
(I will still have to write essay for final exam though... sigh...)
Hooray... no more test on Malay language course, I've done the presentation (15%), the short essay to give opinion (5%) and this proposal (20%)! The rest 60% is of final exam.......


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