Saturday, August 25, 2007

Senamrobik Merdeka

To gain "unit desa" so that I may be able to continue staying at my current hostel C.G., I need to join some hostel activities. So yesterday Huey, Mei Ying, Ke Yan and I joined the "Senamrobik Merdeka" = aerobic exercise for "Merdeka" celebration.

We were required to gather at somewhere at hostel at 5pm. However, Huey and I couldn't make it as we had a one-hour biostatistics test from 4-5pm.
*haiz... biostatistics... hard! =.="

All of them walked from hostel to the "stadium olahraga" which is far away... but Huey and I took bus to a place nearer then walked together with them haha...

Other than doing aerobic exercises with holding the "Jalur Gemilang", there was Lucky draw session! and we also had free "milo" drink.... free dinner (bihun).... haha...
*photos below were taken by using MY's mobile phone

MY, KY, YL (me), MH

Malaysiaku Gemilang, Happy Malaysia's 50th year of independence!
(although not yet 31st August... haha... earlier wishes)


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