Saturday, August 18, 2007

2nd & 3rd Day I'm in KL

Thursday - 2nd day I was at home... morning, I fetched Huey and May to SMKTE to take our original STPM certificate. We had chatted with teachers too... I had chatted much with my biology teacher, Mr Lum! weird huh... more about my courses etc..

Then back to my mum there, I chatted much with her..
In the afternoon, I went to SJK (c) Desa Jaya, my primary school to take my salary cheque for June... and also chatted with teachers... more about some unhappy incidents happened... erm.. more on the works like we as the temporary teachers didn't finish marking students' exercises books etc... did I do wrong? aih... you won't understand... as I also don't understand had I completed my responsibility although I think I had done my part? haizzzz...

I was staying at home for the whole afternoon and night then....

For Friday, May and I took KTM+Monorail to Sg.Wang...
The main purpose I went there was to buy handicraft materials for my entrepreneurship course, and May just accompanied me or I accompanied her to walk walk + shopping~
*wah... coincidently, I met Edwin, my coursemate at Sg Wang! He was the one who took the same express bus with us back from Penang! His home is at Cheras.

oh yea... I called my younger brother Yu to fetch me at KTM station when I was back from Sg Wang! He comes back from UniKL Nilai almost every Friday~
Finally 3 of the siblings could be together at home! And my parents are so happy, cheered by 3 of us wakaka.... I did miss my brothers..

At night just now, Jin, May and me went yumcha together and chatted nonstop for more than 2 hours haha! It's so good to chat with them again ^^
We had even called Ching who is currently taking business course at NTU Singapore. I switched on the speaker so all of us could talk together, ah... missing Ching!
*the rate of calling Ching is low, just RMo.15 per minute, still counted according to DiGi's Friends and Family rate! ngek ngek... DiGi rocks wakaka


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