Monday, October 12, 2009


Last Friday was a busy day. Most of my coursemates were rushing the lab report for the mini project we had done for the course: Food & Industrial Microbiology. Even though it was midnight 3++am, there were still 10 of them stayed connected to MSN!

I was greedy as I had 4 hours sleep. I should used the time to rush everything....
at the end, by skipping the 2 classes, and still I did not manage to finish actually. Before 5pm, I managed to print out the report with bad introduction and discussion parts (which were very very important parts), and then ran to submit it at office. Luckily it was not closed yet!

Within half hour, I also met few of my coursemates who actually did not submit the reports! o.O
Well, we all like to do works last minute huh... we had been given a long period to do....
aiks... I really hate the things I submitted as it was done so badly....

After that.... relaxing time!
I had joined the dinner gathering 聚餐联谊 that was organised by LaiKuan for all committee members and advisors of Singing Competition (歌咏组前组委为顾问团,现任歌咏组组委+歌唱比赛筹委们). It was always fun to hang out with them~
It was my first time to have my dinner at 火锅之家. By paying RM18, you can eat all you want, buffet style steamboat+bbq~ also with ice-cream and ice-kacang, dim sum... but the place was really hot....

Next destination was the 'famous' 4 poles stood at Jelutong seaside, but not all of us went.
It was nothing special but only the 4 poles which from different angle you might spot 3 poles or 2 poles only. It was a seaside which similar to Gurney drive.
We had some chatting over there, and had taken many photos in the dark.

the 4 poles~~~~

Took by using timer + flash, everyone on the round 'bench'
There were another two persons sitting behind us actually, they were not interested in taking photos with us oh...
Another two gang went home earlier~

Anyhow, it was a fun and relaxing Friday night with 歌咏组组委们+歌唱比赛筹委们!



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