Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Huey's Birthday Pre-celebration @ OXO

Yo, yesterday was my younger brother, Yu's 21st birthday ~~
Happy birthday to him ^^
Our family celebrated his birthday together one day earlier by having a very full dinner together.

Today was Min Huey's 22nd birthday. Be happy okay!
Since our USM gang couldn't celebrate her birthday together on the exact date, we had done it earlier.
One day before we started our holiday (before Huey and I came back to KL), 8 of us including Ann, Huey, NZC, TTY, Edwin, Ming, WeiCher and me had a full dinner together.
The main purpose was to celebrate Huey's 22nd birthday earlier, at a special restaurant named OXO nearby Queensbay mall.

all of us are reserved! haha
TTY, Ann, NZC, Huey, Me

the minor gender - Ming, Wei Cher and Edwin

It was too bad that many members of our usual gang didn't attend together -- DSL, LBK, LWW and TSK ... Thanks to Edwin and WeiCher for being our drivers huhu....
Hmm... although I mentioned it last year, I want to say it again, I felt that Huey's birthday celebrated during our 1st year was a very memorable event. It was the first birthday celebration we held together within our gang.

Wow, we all were very satisfied of the service of the OXO restaurant. Since Ann had made a reservation one day earlier, we had special treat, a nice pavilion-like place with sofa and pillows to have our dinner!
The price of food was quite fair too. Most of us had ordered dinner set. The food was served with sequence. Firstly, salad was first served. It had a nice appearance haha... not bad not bad, I like salad~ Then, there came the main course, mine was grilled chicken, but seemed like some parts were blackened.... Next, the coffee finally served..... and then the last one was the dessert, the biscuit and the cake were delicious~ yum yum... oh, my stomach was very full!

the nice chandelier above our heads~

Deng deng deng deng.... it was the time to celebrate Huey's birthday!
The two 驻唱歌手 (lounge singers?) sang birthday songs together~
for Huey and the other two persons from different gang in the restaurant! Hehe...
A good service here provided was the singing and a special big hat which was put on by the waiter for the birthday person! Our "cake" for Huey was special -- pancakes!

the pretty girl of the day~ Huey with the special cake hat and her birthday 'cake'

A funny moment of the night happened when the singer asked each table a question whether the birthday person had their birthday on that day. The answers from 3 of them were NO... lolz.
Oh ya, one of the singer who sang English songs and played guitar had a nice unique voice! wow~~~
When another singer asked whether each table with birthday celebration wanted to have someone on stage to sing a song, we kept enticing Ming to sing Jay Chou's song! hoho... at first the singers said they had no Jay's song guitar chords, no lyrics etc. Then we said he could sing without music haha... finally, they found one of the song and hence Ming was 'forced' to sing at the front! hoho.... nice nice~

It was raining heavily at that night, however it didn't stop us from going to the 2nd station -- KAYU mamak restaurant to continue chit-chatting~ haha...

It was a nice celebration before we went back to our hometown for the hari raya break. It would be nice if all of the members of our gang came together!





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