Thursday, September 10, 2009

Interview: Secret Recipe Queensbay

A late post telling about the experience of having an interview session. Haha, I was not being interviewed but was the one who interviewed other people.

To fulfill the requirement of the course work of Management: Marketing paper, a group consists of 5 people has to interview a company in order to understand its marketing strategy, and submit a report. My group which made up of GSW, LBK, LWW, TSK and me had decided to interview the Secret Recipe of Queensbay, Penang.

On 25.08.09 (which was also the day I lost my wallet/purse), we went to Queensbay by taking Rapid Penang. We reached the place before the appointment time, and it was when all the shops preparing to open for doing business. Hohoho *evil*, we had taken some special photos while waiting ~~~

yea, me hugging a model? haha...
took this fast while the place was still deserted la, paiseh
*dear don't jealous oh.... huhu*

The interview session took about 1.5 hours. In fact we had asked too many questions I guess haha... oh ya, by the way, the person who was interviewed by us was not an area manager, but a leader of the franchise. He was quite friendly haha... and a bit shy, he exhibited his great shyness when we asked him to take photo together!

After the interview session, we felt 'paiseh' not to spend any in his shop... hence, each of us had ordered a piece of cake and enjoyed ourselves ^^
*okay, we paid it by using own money haha... was hoping he to treat us lolz xp*



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