Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photo - Privacy

I love taking photographs, either for myself or for other people, or just simply scenes.

Sometimes, we might accidentally capture some photos with special expressions or actions, and we thought they were funny or nice to share with others. Hence, we might upload to facebook and tag the persons, so that everybody could see them.

Although the persons being captured might not mind that we took those photos, possibly they do not want us to share with everybody. We just simply ignored their feelings, or we never know their personal preferences.

Everyone is unique, we can't treat everyone the same way, so... I admit that I had ignored this, so do the same with some other friends. Even though you know your friends quite well, still you can't really figure out their border.

A safer way is to filter out all those so-called ugly/funny/funky/unpresentable photos, and just upload those very formal ones... or avoid individual photos, choose group photos, and make sure everyone is in good conditions~ blurring photos is big no?

If really unavoidable, accidentally uploaded some photos that irritated the persons in those photos, of course I would respect to their decisions to delete them. However, I would prefer the persons tell me their comments in a softer way, not like I was a criminal who purposely did the fault act to irritate them.

If possible, I want to be a considerate person too, I'm trying to learn to be as considerate as possible. So, please teach us who crossed your border accidentally in a better/softer manner...

If I do wrong again, please forgive me and inform me. Thank you.


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