Thursday, October 01, 2009

After Holiday

I am already back to Penang for nearly one week...
haha, last week was indeed a very relaxing week, I did not study at all @@"
It was good to be at home, I had thrown almost everything stressful away, and enjoyed my holiday solely and spent much time with my family~~~ Felt so protected and pampered hehe...

In the holiday too, I had few outings with my friends. A yumcha session with 2 best friends May and Jin. Then also another chatting+shopping day with them and Hoon at 1U.

Besides, I also met with Kee Hui and Teng Teng. We had worked together during industrial training at Selayang Hospital. On the same day too, Kee Hui and I had watched a movie "Tsunami" together with Abang Fikri, the MLT staff working at the hospital who was very nice~ hehe...

TengTeng, KeeHui and I @ Green Box Sg Wang~~

I was so relunctant to come back here. The university life is getting bored and more stressful. Sigh... the first year life was the most enjoyable~ 2nd year's was the busiest time for me... and now is boring.... everything is no longer new and attracting to me, unlike how I felt during my first year. Because of little lecture hours, because of the FYP, everyone is so independent, the interaction between coursemates and friends are reduced...

Anyway, although at first I was 'resisting' to come back, still I needed to face the reality. I should be glad that I had a great holiday. After a good rest, I must be more positive and forget everything bad in the past!!!
I can do it ~~~~~~


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