Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mites are so In Love with my baby fungus

Yesterday I had taken some time in the lab to observe my fungi culture plate.

Suddenly I saw something special under the light microscope (4x or 10x objective lens? I forgot already...). I thought it was some kind of special structure of the fungus. However, it moved!
Click play button to see this creature......

OMG... it ate my baby fungus!
It was the mite... with 8 legs oh.... so it was not an insect... some kind like spider?
Seems like it liked my fungus very much... so yummy huh?

and actually, there was not only ONE mite... but many mites!
For your information, I did not need to include this mite in my FYP, it actually contaminated my plates.... because it would carry the fungus on its body while moving and brought them over to other non-contaminated agar plates.
Although I had already sealed the plates with parafilm tape, somehow the mites still managed to trace its favourite food and penetrated inside!

I had stored this agar plate for about two weeks time. It was the Carnation Leaf Agar (CLA), the water agar with carnation leaves.
Those mites looks transparent white dot by naked eyes, yes, they are microscopic, but we could spot them if view carefully.
There are many more I didn't point out...