Saturday, October 03, 2009

BBQ - MoonCake Festival

Today is Mooncake Festival~~~~~

credit to KimYin+Denise for labelling the cup with cute picture too

But I do not go back to my hometown, aiya... I just back for one week oh...

Yesterday night my coursemate LBK had organised a BBQ gathering at Wei Cher's house. He invited most of the Pure Bio 3rd year C. undergraduates~

At about 6.30pm, I went there and offered my help to prepare foods~
The cooked food for the night: fried onion ring, french fries, fruit+vege salad, meehoon
The food for BBQ: chicken wings, hot dogs, crab balls, chicken balls, corns~

yummy yummy chicken wings~~

Who attended:
HBP, LBK, LWW, WeiKit, JyeYeen, TSK, WeiCher, Ming, TTY, YanFen, YenYing, KimYin, Denise, HueySean, LiYee, ChaiLee, NZC, FunXing, Ann, Kelvin, me

It was a fun night~ haha...

The funniest happening: TSK's super black BBQ Hotdogs and crab/chicken balls~

Long time everyone didn't enjoy such gathering I guess, it is also rarely so many of us could gather like this.

Hey good job LBK ~

^^~祝大家中秋节快乐哦~ ^^


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