Sunday, September 13, 2009

Enjoy to be Alone

Recently, I like to be alone.

Funny right, I used to say I hate to be alone.

This is one of the changes happened on me.

For example, I lazy to invite my friends for lunch or dinner. I enjoy chatting with my dear on phone while walking alone. I enjoy listening to music while working alone. I lazy to open my mouth to talk. I enjoy shopping alone, although hoping my dear is there with me.

oMg... means that I am isolating myself lo? swt =.=
... ...
it's hard to find someone to accompany me...
I am tired to meet failure in inviting friends...
it's hard to mix with my friends sometimes...
I'm too weird I guess.

On the 1st September, I went to Bukit Jambul alone by taking rapid Penang. The main purpose was to re-apply my driving license. I didn't know the exact location actually, just told by my coursemate roughly. I had only visited the Kompleks Bukit Jambul once, lolz.... I searched around and according the some little clues given, which referred to Maybank and the shoplots there, luckily I found it in short time huhu~~~

However, when I got the queue-number, o.O it was a big difference with the current-serving's... more than 100 people to wait @@
Fortunately there were many counters available for service! Hence the serving rate was quite high haha.... I think it took about 40minutes to wait till my turn. The whole process was really fast, I sat only about 3-5 minutes to get my things done! wow....
There went my RM20 for paying the fine. I paid another RM30 to renew my driving license for one more year.

After completing the task of the day, I went to shop at Kompleks Bukit Jambul haha....
Bought a purse, a pair of whistles, a comb, and a carnation~~~

WOndering why I bought the carnation? I did not buy it because of the flower but for its leaves!
I needed the leaves, however, in fact such few leaves were not enough at all. For trying out the first trial, I still bought the flower for RM2. How good if the aunty could sell me leaves.
Anyhow, the flower had brighten up my day hehe. Quite pretty huh? Many people didn't see the real flower before actually. I even gave it a temporary 'home' by putting it inside appletizer bottle ^^

hehe, felt the whistles very cute and special, hence bought one for my dear and another for myself hehe ^^

By the way, I guess I enjoy to be alone doing those stuffs because I was not really alone all the time, I was chatting with my dear on the phone too lolz.... wakakaka...
*some people thought I was talking to myself as I was using the earphone lolz~


Blogger KL村姑 said... always alone too!!!
call me 独行村姑!!!

September 14, 2009 1:12 am  

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