Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Exp @ AZUMA

yohoo~~~ Finally could relax for some moments after rushing slides for presentation and studying for test.

Last Tuesday, there was a presentation session for us to present the mini project (experiment) that we had done for about 2 weeks before Hari Raya break. My group was doing on "Production of Cellulase Enzyme via Submerged Fermentation", which was one kind of project doing by some coursemates for their FYP. However, our presentation was carried out quite badly... still acceptable though.
This semester, I had done a few mini projects~~ which I found quite good, because I could really learn something!

ChoyLeng and Siang went to Queensbay together with me this afternoon. Finally I had registered myself at the counter @ Queensbay to join the Penang Marathon.
However, I had changed my mind, from joining Half Marathon category to Fun Run only; I had also helped my dear to register too! huhu... Siang still insisted on joining Half Run, ganbatte neh~
Reasons to change Category: I guess 21 km is really exhausted! It's kinda impossible mission for me, I am not really a runner~~~ so why should I waste my money huh.... By the way, I would be happy if the Fun Run cateogory does let us to run on the Penang bridge. Sigh... it was my main purpose initially~~~~ aiya, never mind la..... then I should set a target to complete the 10km~~


Before we registered, we went to fill our stomach at AZUMA, a japanese restaurant. It was our very first time trying out this restaurant. It was a nice place but kinda cramped. After staring at the menu for long, we were asked to order our drinks first. Though I knew the price was really expensive for drinks, still I opted for Kiwi Sorbet which costed me RM12 instead of Green tea that costed only RM1 @@. In fact, I was paiseh to order only green tea while the waitress was trying to persuade us on those drinks.
me with my Kiwi Sorbet~~

Then, we took long time to think before decided to order those expensive food...
I had ordered a Chicken Teriyaki Set including salad, pickles, custard, miso soup, white rice and of course the chicken teriyaki; Siang ordered Oyako Don (rice topped with chicken and egg); and ChoyLeng ordered Watari Gani Jyu (rice with soft shell crab).

My Chicken Teriyaki Set~

Overall, the foods tasted quite delicious, but if the price could be reduced more then better haha... but I think they really served real japanese food, I mean with real ingredients from Japan and that's why it's expensive...
Their service was good, hmm... let me tell a 'funny' incident here;

When we were eating, I saw a black hair mixed well in Siang's Oyako Don! I guess it was quite a normal incident that happened, however, since the food was charged with high price and with 15% tax, we should make a complaint about this! The people-in-charged seemed worried, and immediately agreed to change a new bowl for Siang! Wow... haha, then one of the waiter (or manager?) attended to us and served Siang a plate with 2 sushi. Hmm, it was definitely FOC.
Too bad that I had forgotten to snap photo of the 'food with hair'... as a proof huh...
However, 3 of us were quite satisfied with their immediate reaction; and we made them to become nervous I think. We were naughty, because we kept on laughing on their reactions, lolz.
After the meals, we were served with a scoop of green tea ice cream each. Wow, it's delicious! Not too sweet!
For more detailed about this restaurant: can refer this link o~

Today was quite a nice day hehe... we just took short time for waiting bus (for going and back). I seldom hang out with Siang and ChoyLeng actually. However, 3 of us enjoyed much today, and had helped Siang in choosing a dinner dress~
By the way, I felt quite sorry for unable to join my coursemates to sing K at Redbox Gurney. Because I wanted to save money. Since I had spent much on the Japanese lunch, and we came out from the restaurant at 3pm, it's quite not worth for me to have a full buffet at Redbox at 5pm.... sorry yo my coursemates...

hmm.... Forgot to mention, today is the Last Day of Semester 1 of Year 2009/2010. Then, Study week is with us, which means the Final exam is coming soon.... T_T"
Need to start studying soon, aiks... kinda lazy oh...
Ganbatte everyone!


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