Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lost + lost + Compensate

aiyoyo, in One-week time, I had lost 2 things -- my golden watch + one of the earrings. They were "attached" to my skin almost everyday...

The golden watch was given by my mum. Was it made of gold? I guess it was not, but might be plated with gold, a "Citizen" watch gold in colour. Felt empty after I realised that I had lost the watch when I wanted to know the time that Saturday. Was I careless? hmm... I really didn't realise when it had slipped away from my wrist. I should blame myself for being playful, to play around the 'lock' of the watch.

About the pair of earrings which were of the shinning musical symbols "treble clef", I bought them last year at pasar malam. They were my favourite earrings.
Last Friday, when I stared at my laptop screen, I saw myself in it, without the earring at my right earlobe! OMG... I must had lost it somewhere else. Well, I went many places in USM that day. I couldn't figure it out where the earring was "landing" on... T_T

The emptiness felt for losing them were quite great...


I had bought myself 2 pairs of gold earrings @ Forever 21 shop @ Queensbay last Saturday, to Compensate the loss!
Normally the stuffs sold at that boutique were quite expensive. However, both pairs of earrings only costed me RM11 (RM5+6). hehe...
oh, the satisfaction could at least compensate parts of the emptiness, bluek =p

In fact that day I accompanied my dear juniors to shop for performance clothes. But at the end, I was the one who bought something from Queensbay~~ paiseh neh....


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