Friday, March 06, 2009

English or Chinese language "leh"?

Recently there are more and more friends like blogging! And most of them are using Blogspot too. Besides, there's another similarity, most of them blog in Chinese Language! In fact, I myself too have been affected to having increasing tendency to use Chinese Language.

In the past, usually I used English as the medium to express my feeling. One of the main objective of doing so was to improve my English writing, as one of the reasons/excuses to access internet more often.

Most of the time when I blogged in Chinese, it meant that I was in bad mood. However, it's not the case lately. I do felt that using Chinese language can express my own feeling better and to describe some situations more correctly. Or you can say that I don't have enough vocabularies to describe those events in English language.

Anyhow, I will still try to blog more frequently in English language, to at least maintain the frequency of this non-mother-tongue language usage! It is true that if you want to improve the particular language proficiency, you must practise it more, the same method apply in writing, listening and speaking. I can write better, if compared to listening and speaking, hence it does prove this famous theory. I wish I can speak fluent English... @@

English listening test coming soon...
Resume writing + Job interview coming soon too!

My final exam timetable (draft) is already known.
My first paper will be on the first day of exam period, 13rd April 09.
While my last paper will be on the last day of exam period, 30th April 09.
Congratulations to myself, and my coursemates, we all are so lucky and honoured, to have exam on the very 1st day and Last day of the whole exam period, just for 6 subjects.

And I will start my LI (Latihan Industri @ Industrial Training) at Selayang Hospital, at the Pathology unit on the 4th May 09! Well, there's less time for me to rest at home I guess....


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