Saturday, February 28, 2009


As mentioned before, for Immunology course, each group consists of 10 members was required to inject a rabbit with protein, and inject a chicken with bacteria.

We needed to do 3 times of injections. And then, last Thursday, it was time for us to perform "Bleeding". It was a procedure to collect blood samples from our rabbit and chicken.

To us, it was quite a hard-to-perform procedure. First, we had to poke the rabbit skin and collect 10ml of blood from rabbit; and 40ml of blood from chicken.

Everything ran smooth for my group, hehe. I was not the one who did the poking and collecting, I only helped to hold the rabbit xp. Some of us didn't dare to touch rabbit and chicken! However, holding the rabbit wasn't a hard task to me, because I had reared rabbits before~

The bleeding process was quite fast, at least our group did it fast and clean. I really hope the rabbit and chicken will be still alright after everything we did on them.

Thanks to our "generous" dear rabbit and chicken, for suffering the pain we had created for you, because of the weak skills we performed.


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