Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Release Ur Tension now~

Feeling STRESS? very TENSION?

Sing as loud as you can! (not trying to promote anything)

Recently, many of my friends are facing a lot of pressure, study, assignments, tests, practise, performances etc...
We really need to find some ways to release those negative elements!

Last Monday, our lab ended very early, as there was only briefing given. My coursemate JY suddenly suggest for a Redbox singing session! Hehe... since there was no test, no assignment/reports to rush, I went along with them. We were really crazy for doing this, because normally I planned for few days for a gathering with friends. However, this time, we spontaneously suggested, invited and ran the "event" lolz.

9 of us - JY, WeiKit, DSL, HBP, Chin, Huey, TTY, YenYing, and me ... went by 2 cars. Hehehe...
We had 4-hour singing in a big room. Few of them went back first as they had to attend lectures at 8pm. The rest of us continued and became more crazy in singing, we sang loudly, like "yelling"... for those rock/fast songs. By doing so, I guess I could release tension!

It was really a long time I didn't sing Karaoke, for 2 months?
It is one of the best way to release your tension!
I wish our 歌咏组 can organise a Karaoke gathering soon~!


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