Saturday, February 28, 2009

KungFu Night 09

I had a busy and fun Saturday last week, 21st February 09.
As usual, like now, I'm handling the Japanese Language Class organised by Japanese Language Society, as coordinator, I'm not the sensei (teacher).
Then, I had my lunch at Subaidah before going back Tekun hostel. Next, I had performance practise with my juniors (I am not involved in the performance but in charged of controlling the music playing).

At about 6pm, I met my friends -- Mei Chen, Min Huey and Swee Cheng at guard house Sg Dua then we went to Night Market together~ It's fun going out with friends, we had our dinner, walked around for some whiles, and then went back USM, attended KungFu Night 09 at DTSP.
Lion Dance, by 2 girls!

taiji performance, not boring oh....

drum war with masked players, the whole play was in dark, with fluorescent decorations.

the normal drum war
*these photos quite clear because I sat at 4th row seat!

Although there were technical problems, overall performance was quite okay. Thanks these KungFu performers for their hard practises.
When the event ended, I had nobody going back hostel with me. However, I was lucky that I met one of my junior, Wallece Hui, haha... thanks him for giving me a ride!


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