Saturday, February 21, 2009

HAPPY but not happy anymore...

Still remember one of the mobile prepaid provider -- "HAPPY" ?

In fact I own 3 mobile phone lines -- DiGi D' Campus, Maxis (postpaid subline from family), Happy...... many huh?
However, I mainly use DiGi as it is far cheaper when I'm in campus compound, and since I like chatting very much... after RM1 then free of charge for calling DiGi's.

While Maxis is used to communicate with some of my friends using maxis/hotlink, as it would be cheaper for them to sms me, also I can call my family members without charge.

And lastly the Happy number, is important in chatting with my friends other than using DiGi or during the time I'm out of campus. Last time, I purposely bought Happy line as it only costed me RM0.99 maximum for calling up to 45 minutes.

Two days ago, I called my best friend May who is a Maxis user. So, I thought it would be cheaper if I use Happy to call (RM0.99), compared to Maxis (45 x RM0.15 = RM6.75) and DiGi (45 x RM0.15 = RM6.75).


After 45 minutes of chatting... the call costed me RM10.89....................

You know why?
It is because, Happy is no longer that generous to make us Happy.
Now, if you want to enjoy the low rate of RM0.99 for 45 minutes, the call must be made within 9am-5pm, and must be Happy to Happy!
While the call rate that I had experienced that night was RM0.99/max 15 min, Thereafter RM0.33/min....
so, first 15min = RM0.99, then the next 30min = 30 x RM0.33 = RM9.90...... which makes the total of RM10.89 !!!!!

sigh... thought wanna save money, mana tau lagi teruk!
I guess I would consider to terminate this HAPPY ever after......


Anonymous Khor Guisong said...

swt..Terminating Happy..will cause you to be at an absent of Happyness o..and thus leaving you with..SAdnEsS.. hahahah

February 22, 2009 7:43 pm  
Blogger hedwig elaine said...

hey u geng lo...
I didn't think of that before lolz..

I mean,
terminate happy which means leave me with sadness!

hahahaha.. funny thing u thought of!

February 23, 2009 3:16 am  

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