Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing Truant xp

Just now was supposed attending lecture, instead I came to library to get online!
o.O I'm playing truant! Skipping class... and playing Pet Society of Facebook at library!

In fact, I wanted to attend the lecture. However, I was rushing my assignment of that subject, and have to pass up by today. When I finished and submitted the assignment, I was already late about 30 minutes. I was "paiseh" to walk into the small classroom since the lecturer could easily spot me =.="
And since I have already come out from hostel, I came to library here to spend my time online =x

Recently I'm quite busy with my life. Busy doing homeworks, busy for tests, busy for presentation and busy for Pet Society!
haha... now I've become what most people doing, switching from friendster to facebook, but well, I do still login to my friendster to check updates. I have learned to play the games like "guess the sketch challenge", "word challenge", "who has the biggest brain", "Geo Challenge", in facebook from my friends, and got addicted in playing around with my "pet". The function which allows us to tag the person in photo is useful I think.

I've been preparing the Oral presentation since back from CNY holiday. Finally it's my turn today to present! phew... although I didn't prepare a proper script, just some short notes and a presentation slide, I spoke spontaneously and added in many points at instant. Sometimes it is hard to avoid saying "lah", it's Malaysian style what... hahaha...
Euthanasia, the mercy killing, it is a foreign word to many of us, but now I'm very familiar with this word!

Coming week is a horrible week geee.... I have Immunology test on Monday, and Management 2nd test on Thursday and... a English language writing test on Friday! swt.... haven't prepared at all! Still, I'm playing and relaxing now aiyoyooooo

oh another thing, it is raining now yay~~~~
Raining is a very rare phenomenon in Penang this month (and also last month).
Because of the hot hot weather, I failed to fall asleep easily... which made me just having about 5 hours sleeping recently, sometimes even less than 4 hours.
Hoping that I will have a good sleep tonight ^^


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