Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a CYBER girl +_+

Recently you can always find me at MSN, or found me hanging around at Facebook. I had mentioned that I could hardly connect to internet in my hostel room.

However, I've managed to get connected to the cyber world now.

Like I said, I am subscribing to the D' Campus (DiGi) prepaid package. It's really very worthy for us being undergraduate students~! Other than the low calling rate, and even free calls to DiGi lines after reaching RM1 calling cost; there's also a worth-to-use data transfer package.
After usage of data transfer of RM30 per month, the rest is F.O.C!!!!

Although the internet speed is way too low, only 115.2kbps @@, it would be better than unable to connect to the internet at all; it's just a GSM line, not a broadband...
And for sure that I would not opt to pay RM66 per month for broadband because I don't really need that just for myself. Besides, according to the promoter (hope she didn't cheat me), this plan also works even I'm outside the campus zone, e.g. at home.
Anyhow, I guess I will only use this method to access internet for this month and April the exam month. Of course I will not use this when I'm at home hahahaha.

Before that I had tried to use mobile phone as modem, so that I could connect to internet by using my laptop. Until few days ago, I've finally found out the method. I don't know how will it work for other mobile phone models.
But for more advanced Sony Ericsson mobile phone (which allows the GPRS usage), I just need to install the programme given in the CD, then connect my phone to laptop by using the USB cable, select Phone Mode. Next, choose the Mobile Networking Wizard. Create a New Connection, it will automatically detect your mobile phone line setting and create an account.
However, when I tried, it said there's not enough memory slot for a new account to be created. So I just deleted few of those useless accounts settings in the phone. Then, I retried again, and tadaaa... succeed!

So far, I find the transfer rate is still okay. But it doesn't work well at some periods, might be caused by heavier network usage. I could open the Facebook and even play the Pet Society. At the same time I could chat with friends at MSN.
Another major problem encountered was that I could only choose either to get connected to internet OR to chat on the phone. It is because both activities are using the same line, I cannot perform both at the same time. Once I made a call, the internet would get disconnected. And the sms would not be able to deliver.
I'm also worrying that there will be side effects for my mobile phone. For example, while connecting the phone to laptop, there's power charging my phone, will it overcharge my phone battery? hmm...

But hey, it is really a good way for me to get connected to my favourite cyber world. The life without internet was really down, because I felt like isolated and disconnected from the whole world, like a frog in the well where the well is its entire world.

I'm a cyber girl!


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