Friday, February 13, 2009

During Chap Goh Mei

Last Monday, 9th February 2009 was public holiday for Thaipusam, as a replacement because its real day fell on Sunday. That day was also the very Last day of Chinese New Year 2009, the 15th day, Chap Goh Mei.

I did something quite crazy that night. At first I thought of staying in my hostel the whole day to rush my study and homework. However, at about 8pm, Huey sms-ed me inviting me to go gambling at WeiCher’s house! Well, I didn’t “gather” with my friends at Penang for such activity yet. At last, well I just did what I couldn’t resist to lolz.

Hence, a group of 6 “apex” undergraduates – Huey’s roommate, Me, Huey (rest for hours), WeiCher, DSL, XianYi were really diligent; we had the “good” attitudes of being patient, not giving up easily, and finally we made the gambling process continued till 6am the next morning…! @@”

I didn’t plan to stay for that long hours initially. But thinking that it was the last day, and to have fun together… then I didn’t refuse to stay then. Conclusion, I had won RM17.50. I was not greedy hehe, I just bet RM1-3… xp
While some of them bet RM5 most of the time…

XianYi had become the “santa” who “contributed” the largest amount of money, while DSL was the winner of the night. So… we had a full breakfast at Bali-bali Food Court, with free of charge! Hehe… because DSL paid for us.

That's the way I ended my CNY celebrations at Penang haha. Then, the busy life again in the coming days…. Ganbateh to me and my friends!


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