Saturday, February 07, 2009

CNY at Penang

I am already back to Penang for one week. haha... My parents sent me back last Sunday. Hehe... I really appreciated it, but at the same time don't really like them to suffer the long journey, besides having risk at highway.

Everytime seeing my parents leaving made me felt extremely upset and lonely, it was like being abandoned in the orphanage (not that serious lah). Because after spending the holiday with them, feeling warm and again became alone again after back to "reality".

By the way, on the 1st February, Sunday night, I didn't stay at USM hostel but at YMCA hostel with my parents. Usually when they came to Penang, we would stay at YMCA as it was quite cheap, RM75 for a night per twin-bed room, and also clean, with water heater too!

Of course that night we went somewhere before going to rest at hostel. At first I suggested to visit Kek Lok Si temple again, as during CNY, the lighting decorations at night there were very nice, according to my friends. However, since we went the wrong way, we arrived at another interesting place instead -- the CNY celebration jointly organised by Penang State government, Penang Chinese Clan Council and the Clan Associations Youth Committee at Unesco World Heritage site, at around Armenian Street, Ah Quee Street, Acheh Street, Cannon Street, Chulia Street, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Soo Hong Lane and Kampung Kolam.

Big crowd!

the OX symbol of the year~

The theme of the event was"Chinese New Year Cultural and Heritage Celebration 2009". It was "temple fair" 庙会, like the one showed in drama. There were many food stalls and performances. The buildings there are traditional antique styles. There were also 7 thematic little “towns" which highlighted different cultural aspects related to Hokkien, Canton, Hainan, Teochew, Hakka, Wushu and Malaysian cultures.

Cheah Kongsi

The CNY atmosphere here is far more better in KL! I had taken some photos, but some were not clear. And oh ya, we met someone special too -- 许子根.

The below dragon key chain was given to my direct junior as her 21st birthday gift by me ^^

while this rabbit key chain was the gift from my dad, he asked me to choose one when we stopped by a stall that night hehe...
- - - - - -
After taking good rest sleep and had the breakfast, we went to Kek Lok Si finally. In fact, almost everytime my parents came here also went to that temple lolz. Kinda stupid idea actually because we went in the morning! However, since I think we had no other preferred destination, we just went to feel the busy morning market at Air Itam before climbing up the temple~

Oh yea, in fact I had classes to attend that day... hoho (evil!), yes, I skipped class~ kekeke... never mind lah, I spent quality time with my parents ler...

The weather at Penang Island is really hot everyday recently! Even though it was hot too during CNY at KL, there were still rainings. However, there was no raining at all here for few days continuously! It made me hard to fall asleep in the night =.="

We all must drink more water, don't fall sick again !!!


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