Friday, January 30, 2009

Zoo Negara during CNY

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, as usual my family and I paid visit to my maternal relatives. Well, according to tradition, in fact we should do this practise on the 2nd day of CNY, anyhow... it is not that important...

While on the 2nd day of CNY, 27th January 2009, my family went to the national zoo (Zoo Negara) at Setapak. Weird huh... we had no other place to go... although we were at KL. Sometimes I do hope that I have a "kampung" to go back during festival.

Wow, there were a lot of people that afternoon. Luckily there was no rain at all too. In the past records, whenever I visited zoo negara, it rained.

penguin oh... cute cute!

the hornbill, one of the talented animals during the multi-animal show which the big crowd were waiting for.
One big matter which I was not satisfied with the show was... the show was emceed in Malay. Well, there were foreign tourists too! Towards International....? Another one, the show was not as interesting as expected... or I shouldn't expect too much?

beautiful deers...

OX year, here presenting the OXen...
coincidently we saw the fighting between two oxen
Both of them were supposed males, then I called them bull fighting!
(well, I had just found out that I didn't know what is the plural of Ox! After searching on internet, then I knew it is OXEN! hehe...)

sleeping frog lolz...

Do you think this giraffe is graceful? hehe... nice pose for me to take photograph!

close up of the giraffe eating grass~

the heavy elephant~

my brother said this lion looked like the one in Narnia, Aslan! lolz...
And I think "he" is handsome!

haha.... we had few-hour walk that day until we were so tired. By the way, it was a good family day ^^
There's still a lot more rooms for improvement in this zoo negara actually, some of the animal species were too less in amount; and they should add more species too. For example, we just saw A rabbit, it was so lonely!


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