Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today was the last day I could gather with my friends. However, I could only find Jin my super best friend to hang out with me. I told my mum, I went on dating with her haha.

At about 1pm, she came to fetch me and we went to Jusco at Metro Prima Kepong. We planned to watch movie together, however since we couldn't book the ticket earlier through online, we bought the ticket on the spot. Wow, it was such a long queue! Too bad to say we failed to buy the ticket for 2.20pm, instead we had to wait till the 4.30pm session! What to do, I wanted to watch that movie... oh ya, anyhow, we didn't want the super front seats, without other better choice, we paid RM22 for couple seats hahaha! Are we lesbian? nola... aiyo... but it was my ever first time to sit at couple seats ^_^

The time was still early, we went shopping and had our tea time at Secret Recipe. In fact we also planned to buy ice-cream @ Baskin Robin. However, there was no longer Baskin Robin @ Kepong Jusco! oh... moved away already huh?! Too bad lah, today was 31st what... there wasted the long-waited 31%...

Let me comment on the movie -- The Wedding Game 《大囍事》; I like the main characters Fann Wong and Christopher Lee who are also real-life couple. They can act, but the way the movie was directed not good. In my opinion, it was kind of boring...

Anyhow, there were few scenes I liked, although I was not really deep impressed. The impacts were not strong enough. I guess it would be better if the movie was directed by Jack Neo.

By the way, I like some of the songs. The songs were quite fit into the story and helped to stronger the feels.

After searching on internet, the OST are available @

Thanks Jin for spending an afternoon with me ya ^^
After this CNY holiday, there should be no much public holiday (?). Haiz... happy hours pass easily, it is time to face reality again... well, I haven't done any homework yet.
Wish everyone study/work happily and let's long for the coming holiday again hoho ^^



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