Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reunion Meals before CNY

Last Wednesday, 21st January 2009, I was very happy that almost all my best friends also coursemates were present for the reunion dinner organised by me before CNY.

There were 10 of us -- Huey, NZC, TTY, me, DSL, LBK, LWW, Ming, TSK and Terick. We had the delicious + not-expensive dinner at Xing Long @ Sungai Dua, USM.

It's rare chance for us to sit together in big gang recently, I really appreciate the gathering! The feeling was like having dinner with family ^^

Too bad the photos are not with me now, will upload them when I got them hehe...

Although there's lot of things keep changing nowadays, I really hope we can belittle the bad things and be more positive in every matter.
Wish our friendship forever.

- - - - - - - - - - -
On Thursday, 22nd January 2009, I had a nice lunch with my direct junior, Yee Mei. I purposely invited her for lunch as I wanted to give her the birthday present. She had her 21st birthday on the CNY eve haha, 25th February 2009.
I hope she would like the special keychain with a dragon cartoon carved on it.
Coincidently, she actually also wanted to meet me. She wanted to give me a container of ngaku (arrowhead) crisps made by her mother. hehe... I was really surprised to receive this gift, I like eating ngaku crisps! Thanks ya, my dear Yee Mei!


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